FREE color linen upgrades,
FREE Formal Treats Station
FREE meat & cheese tray (smoked pork loin, mild sopressa salami, pepperoni, feta, cheddar, swiss, kalamata olives, club crackers, roasted red peppers with garlic, pita bread with dipping sauce) for while your guests are arriving.

Final Decisions & Counts Due: Wednesday, November 27, 2019 by noon
Balance Due Date: Saturday, November 30, 2019 by noon
Seating Plan Due: Wednesday, December 11, 2019 by noon
Last Touches Decorating Time: Friday, December 13, 2019 -- 9am until noon

Extra Hours
Event Times: 6:00pm- 11:00pm
Ceremony (where and what time): 2:00pm St. Mary Magdalen -- Receiving line at the church
Time you expect guests to start arriving: 5:30pm
Time wedding party to arrive at facility? 6:15pm
Is the DJ to announce the wedding party? YES

Time of Cake Cutting: Treats Station -- Ceremonial cut after dinner

Bar Times (special requests?): TBD -- Send ideas
COKE!! Pepsi is gross! -- COKE employees

Will there be a blessing/welcome before dinner? FOB welcoming
Jim Eaton - Blessing

Will there be a toast? Will it be BEFORE or AFTER dinner? 2 - after dinner
Dinner Time: 6:30pm

Estimated Guest Count: 300
first 10 kids are free - 10+
Head-table Table Count: STAGE - 18 (B&G)
Table Setup: TBD- Want to see both.
Assigned Seating Style: Mirror
Centerpieces: White floral, 3 tier, floating candles

Table Linen Color: White
Runner Color: Champagne Overlay
Chair Cover Color: White
Sash Color: Champagne Sash / Venetian
Napkin Color: Red, pocket fold,
Up-Light Color: White
Cocktail Table Linen: Champagne
Chargers for Headtable: Gold
Table Number Color: Gold

-- Vendors can access the venue starting at 4:00pm --
DJ: TBD - House DJ Services
Photographer: TBD - Krista B
Minister: NA
PhotoBooth: NA

MOG: Greg
FOG: Beth
MOB: Pam & Todd
FOB: Brad & Laura

Finial Menu:
House w/ Cheese and Ranch & Italian
Roast Beef w/ cognac
Chicken Modiga
Tri colored cheese tortellini with garlic and light cream sauce
Green beans with diced onions and peppers