Adriatic Buffet
Meat and cheese tray for the bar as your guests are arriving
Dinner menu's at each place setting
Water Service
Treats Station w/ small cake to cut

Event Times: 6:00pm - 10:30pm
Ceremony (where and what time): Courtyard at 6:00pm
Pulling chairs from patio for grandparents

Time you expect guests to start arriving: 5:30pm
Time wedding party to arrive at facility? 5:00pm

Is the DJ to announce the wedding party? YES... Receiving line into the venue.

Time of Cake Cutting: TBD

Bar Times (special requests?): TBD

Will there be a blessing/welcome before dinner?
FOB welcome
GOG blessing

Will there be a toast? 2, after dinner
Dinner Time: 6:45pm

Estimated Guest Count: 150
5 under the age 10

Head-table: 14 (B&G) + 2 ushers -- BUILDING INTO ROUNDS
Table Setup: inlay

Assigned Seating Style: Cylinders
Centerpieces: three tier cylinders with florals with Mirror

Table Linen Color: White
Runner Color: NA
Chair Cover Color: White
Sash Color: NA
Napkin Color: White
Up-Light Color: White
Chargers for head table: Silver
Cocktail Tables: Sliver sequin
Table Numbers: Sliver

Cake: TBD
Photographer: TBD
Minister: TBD

MOG: Debbie
FOG: Dennis
MOB: Kay
FOB: Creig

House - Ranch & Italian Dressing
Roast Beef - Au Ju
Balken Chicken
Roasted Brussel Sprouts
Roasted New and Sweet Potatoes


Menu Type/Package:
All of our packages include sole use of the facility for four hours.
The rental includes; the courtyard, patio, private parking, security, all event staff, bartenders and maitre d.

Our bar includes top shelf liquors, bottled beer, sodas, wine, coffee and glassware.

The catering includes champagne and sit down service for the head table, choice of two entrees, two sides, salad and dinner rolls.

Our table sets include white table linens, white chair covers, china, Silverware & centerpiece options.

Custom lighting throughout the facility includes: lights for the head table, columns, stage, back wall, bar and white up-lights on the interior.
The exterior includes accent lighting and candle lit lanterns.

We finish the package with two dressed cocktail tables, cake cutting, Taxes and 15% gratuity

The Adriatic Inclusive Package
The Adriatic is our most popular and base package. It includes everything listed above.
Please contact us for buffet pricing • $50pp Sit Down • $60 Family Style

The Baltic Inclusive Package
This Package includes everything in the Adriatic package & water service, a complete customization of your wedding cake OR Late night snack, color table linen & napkin options, color up-lights, your choice of white or black chair covers & 55 different
color options of sashes.
$60pp Buffet • $65pp Sit Down • $75pp Family Style

The WORKS Package
The Works includes everything in the Adriatic package & Baltic package & an additional half hour of venue time, tier one Hordeuvres, wine service, silver or gold chargers
for each place setting & two late night snacks.
$70pp Buffet • $75pp Sit Down • $85pp Family Style
Extra hour is available at $5.00 Per person, based on the original guarantee of guests, for a maximum of 5 hours. *All parties must be over by midnight

*** The deposit of $500 should be paid upon reservation, and a copy of the signed agreement must be returned within 10 days of date received. Final number of guests, along with balance is payable FOURTEEN days before event date. Charges cannot be reduced if number of guests attending reduces within these 14 days. Please have a check payable to The Four Seas Banquet Facility. Your $500 deposit will be returned to you within 2 weeks of your event if there are no damages. In case these damages result in any legal actions, renter agrees to pay all of the facilities legal fees associated with the collection of such repairs fees.***