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The Four Seas kindly asks that you submit this form before meeting for your final payment. A final invoice must be submitted before final payment can be received. This is for the protection of our clients and the venue. Once you have submitted your final counts, a final invoice will be sent to you via e-mail.

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Final number of guests, along with balance is payable FOURTEEN days before event date. Charges cannot be reduced if number of guests attending reduces within these 14 days. Please have a check payable to The Four Seas Banquet Facility. Your $500 deposit will be returned to you within 2 weeks of your event if there are no damages or violation of the terms of the agreement. In case these damages result in any legal actions, renter agrees to pay all of the facilities legal fees associated with the collection of such repairs fees. Deposits are not transferable.

As a reminder per the contract that was signed at time of deposit: At no time does the facility ever turn over control of the facility to the renter. All attendants/event coordinators will enforce all safety and behavior rules. Please do not damage or allow to be damaged any part of the venue, please respect it as if it were your own. Any damages incurred, or the use of (including, but not limited to) silly string, permanent marker, glitter, confetti, feathers, water beads in open containers, or other substances that cause excess cleaning services will cause damage deposit to be forfeited. The renter is responsible for the behavior of their guests and any damages that may be caused by such guests. Renter will be liable for the repair of any such damage at costs plus a 10% administrative fee.

Event coordinators, bartender & maître d’ at his/her discretion may deny services to anyone for any reason, including but not limited to intoxication, behavior, medical condition, etc. All entertainment must be finished by the end of the rental period, no last calls are allowed to be given. All guests should be gone from the premises and parking lots within 1?2 hour, or extra fees will apply. NO ALCOHOL or DRUGS are to be brought to the Four seas property.

Food Service will begin promptly at the agreed upon time. No Exceptions. This agreement cannot be canceled under any circumstance without loss of deposit. Persons not following normal social behavior rules may be excused from activities immediately. Smoking indoors is absolutely prohibited and will result in immediate termination of your event; including e-cigerettes.

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